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The Soul

The Soul is such an interesting subject. It's mentioned over 750 times in the Old Testament and over 100 times in the New Testament. But after years of church and Bible study, it took a lot of searching for me to come away with any real understanding of it.

Initially, I'd learned that the Soul is your Mind, Will and Emotions. What I found is that those three categories are just the top layer.

The 3 Levels of Soul

My interest in the Soul started when I heard a pastor reference 3rd John 2: Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. That "even as" is a huge clue. Basically the writer is saying that your life will prosper - flourish, and succeed - in direct relation to your Soul prospering. Another scripture states something similar: "As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart." Prov. 27:19 (Soul and heart are synonymous in the Bible).

All I could think was that I better learn how to prosper my Soul! And off I went. As I continued to study and dig deep on the Soul, Holy Spirit would lead me to more and more teaching on the topic. 

What I found - and discovered in my own life- is that the Soul was designed by God to create congruency between what you believe, and what you experience in your life. I believe it’s part of our God-given Free Will. This is what Jesus meant when He said "As you believe it's done to you." (Matt. 13:8). The problem is, most people don't really know what they believe, not at the level of the Soul or the Unseen (Heb.11:3). 

What I’ve discovered is that the Soul is 3 levels, and 3 layers deep:

The Top Layer : Your Mind, Will and Emotions. That's pretty straight forward; it's more or less our conscious awareness. 

Layer Two: The next level down is Reasoning, Imagination and Education, and here's where it starts to get a bit mysterious. How we reason is how we make decisions, our imagination is what we're expecting or daydreaming about, and our education is both our intelligence, and how we're educated to think and expect.

Level Three: The third level is Memories, Belief and Identity. This third level down is the foundational level of our lives. The place of our oldest memories, our self-concept and what we actually have accepted as True.

See, Faith and belief aren't the same thing. Beliefs are a by-product of Faith, but beliefs are also a by-product of what we’ve been consistently exposed to from our childhood years. (So once again we have Unseen and seen.) Beliefs are built from the type of programming or entertainment you’re watching and listening to now, in addition to what you consistently look at and listen to. Beliefs/Expectations are created by what we talk about. The Soul is very much impacted by what you say. 

Faith is an aspect of God that He's placed in His Word found in the Bible, and it can be compared to seed. You can hear a Bible-based message which releases Faith, but for it to become a belief, something you completely accept as true and expect, you have to hear that message or theme again and again. Faith comes by hearing...and hearing and hearing. That Word of Faith has to be listened to and focused on for it to make its way down to that third level and get planted in our Souls.

To that degree, the Soul is very much like the soil of our lives. What we consistently look at listen to, what we speak gets “planted” in us and gets transformed into life experiences through our Souls. Now we’re back to the congruency between what you believe/expect and the experiences that show up in your life…”as you believe it’s done to you.” (Matt. 13:8)

Now, the Mind is the gateway to the Soul and it's simply what you're looking at, listening to and thinking about. The Soul doesn't discriminate, it will begin to absorb whatever you choose to focus on.  In short, the Soul can be programmed. This is the beginning of experiencing our God-given power to create the lives we desire.'s the difference we see in people all the time based on their upbringing and systems of origin in general.

So what does all of this have to do with prospering and being in good health?

The issue is that our Souls are absorbent and when we're infants and children, they're taking everything in. We don't yet know how to guard our hearts or take thoughts captive, so our Souls are absorbing all kind of information and feeling tones - whether they're from God and for our best - or not. For that reason, by the time we're teenagers, we need some real Inner Gardening! Jesus said it this way: "Every plant (Belief) that my Heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots." (Matt. 15:13) Jesus knew that we would all be contaminated at the level of our Souls, at the Unseen, just from living in the system of the world and the work of the enemy.

By the time I started working with Holy Spirit, my Soul was full of plants that God didn’t plant! They were the root of my depression, low self-worth, poverty mentality, a life of fear and a lot of sadness. I learned at a young age how to fake okayness, but my Soul was full of all kinds of erroneous beliefs about men, money, marriage, myself, the list goes on and on...and those erroneous beliefs were continually creating drama, debt, and unhappy relationships; that "even as" component of the Soul had been used against me.

The good news is we can change it. We can seek God's face and partner with Him to create Heavenly lives. We can let Him do what only He can do; Restore our Souls, and Renew our Minds and Transform our lives as we partner with Him.

He’ll help us see and Understand the thorny and dry places within our Souls. He’ll help us Identify where lies and negative expectations have been planted within us, that are consistently creating cheap drama and unrest in our lives. He’ll Transform our Souls to Good Ground that can bring to harvest every good, pleasing and perfect Promise from Him: Love, Joy, Peace, Wealth, Renewed Youth, Vibrant Health…There are 7,487 Promises that God has made to mankind. It’s time for you to start walking in them!


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