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The Season of Soul

Updated: Jun 1

When I was little I used to sit at the big, picture window in the large bedroom I shared with my two sisters. I would sit there and look at the stars and talk to God until my mother told me to come back downstairs. When I got Saved I was excited to make our relationship more “official”. I feel like I’ve always known He’s there.

In 2018 I was in the middle of a lot of emotional pain. My mother passed away in 2015, then my dad passed away the following year in 2016. Even though I was technically an adult, I wasn’t prepared for it. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to go - it was not what I had prayed for. 

I hit a grief I’d never known.  I'd been suffering with depression showing up in regular waves for decades, and it’s as if the emotional floor opened under me and I fell down another 500 feet in grief. I collapsed inside. I had what I can only call an emotional, mental breakdown. I'll be sharing the details of that experience in another post, but that grief lead me to the discovery of my Soul and inner work that saved my life - from the inside out.  Work that I'm now Assigned to teach.

As I started to do the work, I finally faced the huge deficit of self-love and self-approval that had showed up and been at the core of so much self-sabotage. I was so confused. I knew I was saved, but why was I so sad? Why couldn’t I just get over this? Why did it feel like there was a well of pain inside of me that I could no longer contain?

Things intensified for me the summer of 2020 during the national lockdown during COVID. But God is faithful and I dove into a lot of inner clearing work with Him during that season. I spent most of that lockdown time with God in the Word. It was a huge summer of healing and learning and letting go.

As I’ve continued to do what I now refer to as Inner Work, I’ve been getting better. It’s been 4 years since I've had my last bout of depression. I Bless God and I thank God!

What you'll find here is ongoing conversations of the Soul. Of Self-discovery and partnering with God on your life at the next level. You can get better. Your life can change! I'm here to help you in the journey.


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